spicy painter

Guillermo Aymerich


Built with Berta.me

  1. [HBZ] breton humidity, 1999-2000. finistère

    oil painting/R3 process photo

    shooting photos from a car while is running, in order to get swept and blured landscapes.

    by using 2 couples of copies of the same photo, turned upside down on the same axis.

    the result is 4 different views considering the diagonal orientation of the landscape.

    so, thanks to the progressively painted occupation on the photos, we are able to control the way and the direction of the diagonal, to make an evocation of the 4 seasons.

  2. summer


    160 x 200 cm - 62.99 x 78.74 in each

  3. summer


    59 x 80 cm - 23.22 x 31.49 in each

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